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Thank you for your donation or renewal!

If you made a donation to the FCMI you will receive a receipt in the mail to the address or email you gave us; thank you!

If you are a member of the FCMI and haven't completed the renewal form, please print out this page, complete the form and mail to FCMI . Thank you!

FCMI Individual Renewal Form
(Membership is from January through December of each year.)
Last name:___________________________________________

First name:___________________________________________

Home Address:_________________________________________

City:_________________________ State:_____ ZIP:______

Telephone: (____)_____________________________

Spouses Name:________________________________

Ministry Name:___________________________________________

Ministry Address:_________________________________________

Ministry City:______________________ State:_____ ZIP:__

Ministry Telephone: (_____)___________________

Ministry Position: (pastor, teacher, etc)_________________


Web site url:http://_________________________________________

Return renewal form and $50.00 to:
If you and your spouse are FCMI members the fee is $75.00 together, but each must complete a renewal form.
Download renewal form