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Thank you for your donation or renewal!
If you made a donation to the FCMI you will receive a receipt in the mail to the address or email you gave us; thank you!

If you are a member of the FCMI and haven't completed the renewal form, please print out this page, complete the form and mail to FCMI PO Box 2165 Reidsville, GA 30453. Thank you!

2015 FCMI Individual Renewal Form
(Membership is from 1/1/2015 to 12/31/2015)
Last name:___________________________________________

First name:___________________________________________

Home Address:_________________________________________

City:_________________________ State:_____ ZIP:______

Telephone: (____)_____________________________

Spouses Name:________________________________

Ministry Name:___________________________________________

Ministry Address:_________________________________________

Ministry City:______________________ State:_____ ZIP:__

Ministry Telephone: (_____)___________________

Ministry Position: (pastor, teacher, etc)_________________


Web site url:http://_________________________________________

Return renewal form and $50.00 to:
If you and your spouse are FCMI members the fee is $75.00 together, but each must complete a renewal form.
FCMI * PO Box 2165 * Reidsville, GA 30453
Download renewal form